Famous Failures

Does fear of failure stop you from creating a business of your dreams?


Imagine if Steve Jobs was afraid of people not liking his product, there would be no iPhone.


The greatest entrepreneurs would have not been successful if they were scared of failure.


Of course there will be people around who will tell you that only 1% get to the top. BUT so what?!


Yes! Only 1% stick with their fitness programme, only 1% stick with their dieting, only 1% work hard and long enough to see results but it doesn’t mean that you have 1%!


All it really means is that you can’t behave like the rest 99%. You need to do something better than giving up!


Failure is not permanent. You can’t fail if you never give up.

Create the winning mindset that will lead you to success.


Remember, you only live once! For me living means doing what you really love doing. If it means falling here and there so be it! I want to live my life with no regrets! What about you?

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