If you get tired, learn to rest, NOT QUIT

Do you ever have days when everything seems to be going wrong?


This doesn’t happen to me often but today was one of those days!


And although the day did not start great I can say that I am actually really proud of myself!


For the last 3 days I have been trying to resolve a technical issue and I even hired two people to help me and I am not getting anywhere near resolving the issue.

The old me would get really frustrated and angry with things not going right and would push myself more and more to get things resolved straight away. But instead of overreacting, I listened to my body and my intuition and I realised I needed a break.


Self-care is so important when you work for yourself because you are your business. You need to be the best version of yourself to create the impact you want to create with your business.


Every time I don’t feel right, I step away from my business and have time for myself to refocus and re-energise.


So following my bad morning I decided to go to a coffee shop, I worked a little but mostly I relaxed. I now feel like a brand new woman.


It is so important to recognise the signs when you need a break. For me the sign is that I start to feel frustrated and have low energy.


It is important to give yourself permission that it is OK to slow down and look after yourself. I know it is hard. I always push myself too hard and I am definitely hard on myself but what helps me is taking time out and reflecting on everything I have accomplished so far.


If you ever feel like this give yourself some time out from working on your business. Have a day, 2,3 or 4 days off. Sometimes this can be more beneficial to your business than working non stop. It will give you so much more insight.


Remember, this is not a race but a journey. You will never take back time so enjoy every minute of it.


Always listen to your body and your intuition and do things that work for you.


Lots of love.

Ewa x

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