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Do you want to create a business that aligns with your passion and makes a difference- unlike your day job but you have no idea where to start?


You’ve always had a feeling that there is more to life. You want to do something more meaningful, but you don’t know what you could do.


You know you could create a successful business if only someone showed you a step-by-step process for how you could do it.


This is your lucky day! I’ve got your back.


Join this online masterclass where I share with you the specific steps I took that rapidly grew my business achieving following results:


👉I escaped my 9 to 5 job in 5 months.
👉Within the first 2 months I started generating money in my business.
👉Within the next 5 months I fully replaced my 9 to 5 salary with my business and the numbers are only going up.


It really is possible!


2019 can really be the year in which you CAN start a business and make plans to escape your 9 to 5!


The two main reasons why many people fail in their business is because firstly, they don’t feel passionate about their business which leads to poor motivation and lack of drive and secondly, there are specific steps you need to follow in order to make it a success and most people don’t follow them.


Follow the steps in my masterclass and you will be ahead of most people!


The steps I will teach you will take you all the way from creating your business idea, that aligns with your passion and purpose, to your business launch.



✔️ Learn how to connect with your passion and turn it into a business idea
✔️ Learn how to create an unstoppable mindset and become an entrepreneur full of confidence, power, courage and energy
✔️ Learn a step-by-step process for turning your passion into a profitable business.


Join my Masterclass NOW and let’s build a profitable business so you can escape your 9 to 5 once and for all.


“Ewa’s changed my life! She helped me do something that I didn’t think was possible. I created my business and already moved from my full-time to part-time job. I wouldn’t have done it without her support. This was the best investment I have ever made! If you want to create your business and escape your 9 to 5, Ewa will move heaven and earth to help you” – Becky


“Ewa is a wonderful coach, very professional, truly present there for you. She has helped me tremendously in uncovering and reminding me of my true values and goals and has brought about a lot of inspiration and energy to move forward in a way which aligns with my values and true self.” – Santa Aleksejeva


“After my session with Ewa I was simply blown away. I had (and still do) so much energy to carry on with what I have discovered a business idea that feels truly aligning from deep down. I have a clear idea of how to get there and what to do for the time being.”– Anne


“Ewa’s supportive and positive approach really helped me tackle some hidden limited beliefs and give greater clarity to the goals I was pursuing. Ewa is a clear and purposeful coach who enabled me to get direction in what I was looking to achieve as I sought to move forward in my career move. Her warm and encouraging manner meant I felt supported in making changes and moving my ideas into action. I would recommend Ewa to anyone seeking someone who is skilled at driving change with a friendly but professional approach.” – Maria Tennant


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About Ewa

Hi, I’m Ewa!


I’m a qualified business coach and mentor  accredited by the Association for Coaching in the UK and International Coach Federation (ICF). I have a BSc Psychology degree, CIPD qualifications in Human Resources and I am a certified Stress Management trainer. I have also featured in the Thrive Global and One Tribe magazine.


I have extensive experience and expertise in transforming people’s lives. During my employment I was managing a HR function for a medium sized business where I was coaching senior management teams and CEOs on performance and leadership.


Following health problems caused by work-related stress, inner conflict, identity crises and depression I successfully broke away from my 9 – 5 job to follow my passion.


Since then I have created a successful coaching business where I help aspiring entrepreneurs connect with their passion and turn it into a profitable business so they can leave their 9 to 5 job.


Since leaving my 9 – 5 job I never looked back. I found the fulfilment, meaning, happiness and freedom I was longing for.