Passion to Profit – 6 month 1:1 Personalised Programme




Are you ready to finally launch and monetise your passion-led business so you can show up unapologetically and make a huge impact with your business whilst creating financial freedom?



This is a 6 month 1:1 personalised programme for aspiring entrepreneurs who are ready to launch and monetise their passion-led business so they can make a massive impact whilst creating financial freedom.



Are you ready to connect with your true passion and purpose and turn it into a profitable business so you can finally escape your 9 to 5 job and do something that you truly love whilst creating massive impact and financial freedom?


You know deep down that you are meant for more, you want to do something meaningful and important but you have no idea how to get started



You refuse to stay in your 9 to 5 job where you feel exhausted, stressed and uninspired



You require a proven,  step-by-step strategy that will give you THE HOW for how to monetise your passion



You want to overcome your fears, self-doubt and any negative thoughts and emotions that are holding you back right now



You want to step into the next version of yourself and become an unstoppable entrepreneur full of confidence, power and courage



You want to create an irresistible programme/service that sells



You are struggling to attract and enrol your clients and desperately need a strategy that generates sales



You want to monetise your FB group but you have no idea what methodologies to use



You currently fear sales and want to learn how to sell authentically and genuinely without hassling and sounding sleazy



You want a strategy that offers a rinse and repeat process that requires no extra costs



You have not yet mastered launch strategy in your business 



You promised yourself that you would start your business this year but you don’t know how, feeling under qualified and overwhelmed



If you are an aspiring or new entrepreneur who wants to finally monetise your passion-led business so you can create the impact on a huge scale whilst creating financial freedom- THIS IS FOR YOU!!!


It is time to finally step into the new version of yourself, where you are a powerful and confident entrepreneur, and you follow your passion whilst creating a massive impact and financial freedom.



Our 6 month “Passion to Profit” Programme is a 1:1 Personalised Programme where you will:


✔️  Gain clarity on your business vision and your WHY behind your business ensuring your business aligns with your true passion and purpose



✔️  Become a confident, powerful and courageous entrepreneur by overcoming your fears, self-doubts, money blocks, limiting beliefs and any negative thoughts and emotions on a deeper level



✔️  Identify your niche, who your ideal clients are and where you can find them



✔️  Create your programme/services that sell



✔️  Build your unique business brand that is built on your authentic self and helps you stand out as an expert in your field



✔️  Learn how to create powerful content that converts into sales



✔️ Discover the proven, step-by-step strategy to build and grow your FB group without spending hours and hours on Facebook



✔️ Apply methods that will boost your group's engagement and visibility



✔️ Learn how you can direct traffic to your FB group attracting your dream clients organically while you sleep



✔️ Learn how to monetise your group and take your offer to a successful launch



✔️ Learn how to sell authentically and genuinely so clients come to you with no hassle and without you sounding sleazy



✔️ Discover the sales process that creates 5- figure months



✔️ Take your business to launch (hello sales!)





Creating a successful business that scales is not an overnight success. It requires passion, unstoppable mindset and a proven strategy.


This programme is designed to build strong foundations for your business and attract & enrol your ideal clients to your programme with no extra cost.


The strategy I use will help you build your business in an organic and authentic way. It will also give you a rinse and repeat process that you can use every time you wish to enrol new clients. 




I am ready to become unstoppable and launch my passion-led business whilst creating financial freedom!



Here is what to expect:


You might join this programme feeling fearful, doubtful and lacking confidence but you will leave this process as a completely different person by releasing the limitations and blocks that have been secretly holding you back limiting your potential.


By the end of the programme you will not only release any blocks and limitations that have been holding you back but you will also create and launch a business that you are absolutely passionate about enrolling your first clients.


This programme has practical, educational as well as coaching and mentoring aspects. You will receive your modules and worksheet in preparation for our coaching sessions.


During the coaching sessions you will be free to ask any questions you might have, and we will dive deeper into each topic giving you clarity and clear action steps so you can easily implement each step into your business.


You will also receive unlimited 1:1 online support where you can share your work and receive my feedback. This will ensure you are heading in the right direction.


What's included:


✔️ Weekly lessons via video



✔️ Weekly written modules



✔️ Weekly worksheets with clear action points



✔️ 14 x 60 min one to one coaching/mentoring sessions. All sessions are conducted via Skype, Whatsapp video call or telephone. Face to face sessions can also be arranged if you are based in London or Kent (UK).



✔️ Unlimited coaching/support in between sessions via email/voice notes ensuring you are implementing all steps in the right way




✔️ Personality Test



✔️ Self - Awareness questionnaire



About Ewa


As an author, mentor and a qualified business coach, Ewa is helping aspiring entrepreneurs around the world to create and launch their passion-led business whilst creating financial freedom and massive positive global impact.


Having suffered from depression, stress, anxiety, burnout and identity crises, Ewa successfully broke away from her 9 – 5 job to follow her passion creating a highly successful coaching and mentoring practice where she now inspires others to do the same.


Ewa is passionate about providing the highest quality service hence she only works with a small number of clients to ensure she is  fully dedicated and present in her sessions. She provides the best quality service with a tailored and personal approach.


Her love for personal development means that she constantly invests in herself and in her business to ensure her knowledge is up to date.


Serving people globally for the past 18 months helping them monetise their passion-led business, as well as scaling her own empire as well as being a contributor writer to Thrive Global and One Tribe Magazines, it is no coincidence Ewa is hitting the industry by storm as one of the highly sought after business coach and mentor.



Ready to Monetise Your Passion-Led Business?



I want to see you stepping into your true power and finally saying YES to your dreams. I want you to connect to your true passion and turn it into a profitable business so you can escape your 9 to 5 job with no financial worries and be making a huge impact with your new found business.



How would you feel waking up every morning feeling fired up, inspired, motivated and energised to work on your business?



How would you feel receiving “thank you” letters and feedback that your business has changed many people’s lives?



How would you feel knowing that your business gives you the freedom, flexibility, happiness, fulfilment, meaning and the financial security you have always longed for?



This is your chance to finally step up and become the person you know you meant to be!



If this is what you’ve been waiting for I would love to invite you to join me on this 12 week journey.



Prepare and expect a massive TRANSFORMATION within yourself and your business.



All my clients who joined this programme said it was a transformational experience. They all left feeling confident, courageous and powerful with their new found businesses that started generating money.



I can’t wait to see what is available to you and what results you will achieve.







This is your chance to finally step up and create a profitable business of your dreams



The investment for the programme is £6,000



Plus you will also receive a ... 


Bonus (worth over £500) 



✔️ Strategies for overcoming stress and dissatisfaction at work



✔️ Training on how to create highly engaging FB lives including tips on how to overcome fear of going live 



✔️Strategies for maximising your time



✔️Access to my online and offline community where you can gain support from other members



✔️ Entrepreneur’s Toolkit



✔️ Sales script that converts






✔️Develop Your Escape Plan Worksheet




You are making savings of over £1,500!!!




You will never have access to such value again.





Here is what my clients say...





“ Ewa helped me when I was confused and lost. She helped me discover my passion and build a business linked to it.


I am now an expert in mindset and overcoming limiting beliefs. I run my own coaching business where I help clients reach their full potential.


I would definitely recommend this to anyone who feels as lost as I was because it will give you clarity, support to understand yourself better and it will help you to move onto a better life as you will become better."


- Laurent Coste













“When I approached Ewa I had no clarity on what my purpose was nor on what I wanted to do.


From my programme with Ewa I wanted to gain clarity on my purpose and learn how to build a business based on my passion and purpose.


The main results I achieved in our programme were:

- getting clarity on my purpose

-  receiving tools needed to get my business up and running


What I liked the most was to know what my start point and end point was and you receive help in between as well so you know exactly what you need to do every step of the way.


The supporting documents that you receive in the programme are very helpful. The tests we have done gave me clarity on my direction and expanded my thinking.


My thinking was scattered at the beginning and through tools and coaching questions I was able to focus on one thing at a time. I have learnt to look at things from a different perspective and the whole process upgraded my way of thinking.”


- Karen Smith


“Ewa’s changed my life! She helped me do something that I didn’t think was possible. I created my business and already moved from my full-time to part-time job. I wouldn’t have done it without her support. This was the best investment I have ever made! If you want to create your business and escape your 9 to 5, Ewa will move heaven and earth to help you”

- Becky

"Ewa proved to be of tremendous help to me in the early days of setting up my own business.


Those first few steps on your own are both exciting and scary ones all at the same time.


To have Ewa on hand to help me not only analyse my business plan, but ask me some really emotionally challenging questions about myself and my new business, helped me focus my thoughts.


Our coaching sessions always resulted in me coming away with a positive outlook, and reaffirmed to me that my decision to work for myself was the right thing for me. Thereby helping to reduce the common feelings of doubt I was experiencing. Her ability to listen and ask about key things I'd not considered meant that she set me on the path to success that I know I'm walking now.


- Neal Honney

You will never have access to such value again! 



This is your chance to finally say YES to your dreams so book a call with me now and let's monetise your passion so you can escape your 9 to 5 job and finally do something that you absolutely love. 



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