Start a Business in 12 weeks e-Guide

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This is a step-by-step e-Guide and e-Workbook that gives you actionable and practical steps to help you create a successful business. The steps will take you all the way from creating your business idea, that aligns with your passion and purpose, to your business launch.



✔️ Create an unstoppable mindset for success

✔️ Create and validate a business idea that is aligned with who you are, your passion and purpose

✔️ Identify your ideal client and create a message that will connect with your ideal clients

✔️ Gain clarity on how your new business will operate (develop your product/service and sales funnel)

✔️ Develop a personalised escape plan

✔️ Develop a business strategy


Purchase your e-Guide now and let’s create a business of your dreams in 12 weeks! 




Do you want to create a business that aligns with your passion and purpose but you just don’t know where to start?


Are you tired of spending your time and money on things that simply don’t work and as a result you feel more stuck, stressed and exhausted in your 9 to 5 job?


Do you want to find a tested and proven system that will help you create a business of your dreams?


If so, this e-Guide it for you!


In this e- Guide I share with you the lessons I learned from my own journey that helped me escape my 9 to 5 job in 5 months, my clients’ experience and the knowledge I acquired from personal development and from working with world-class mentors and coaches so that you can find your way faster.


⏱️ Save Time

Save time by following a tested and proven system that helped countless of people with creating a business of their dreams


💰 Save Money

You no longer need to invest in books, programmes, seminars and webinars that do not provide results. I know how it feels because I have been there before! You get bombarded with conflicting information that is hard to follow


🧘 Improve Your Emotional Well-Being

You no longer need to feel confused, lost and stressed. This guide gives you a clear and step-by-step process that will help you create a business of your dreams in an organised and structured way


Modules covered:

  1. Connect with Your True Self. Gaining Clarity on What You Truly Want
  2. Create Your Ideal Business Idea
  3. Develop Your Brand
  4. Identify Your Ideal Client
  5. Create and Validate your Product/Service
  6. Craft Your Message
  7. Build a Sales Funnel and Pricing
  8. Create Your Business Strategy
  9. Plan for Your Business Launch
  10. Develop your Escape Plan



Strategies for how to create an unstoppable mindset (how to overcome your common fears, limiting beliefs and destructive money mindset)

Top tips for aspiring entrepreneurs

Worksheets and action points after each module to help you implement acquired knowledge

Entrepreneur’s essential toolkit

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About the Author

Ewa is a public speaker, mentor and a qualified Business Coach for aspiring entrepreneurs. Her qualifications are recognised by the leading global organisations dedicated to advancing the coaching profession through high standards. She is also a certified Stress Management Trainer and holds a degree in Psychology.


She has extensive experience and expertise in transforming people’s lives. As she quickly progressed in her career to managing a HR function where she was coaching senior management teams and CEOs on performance, mindset and leadership she started developing health problems caused by work-related stress, inner conflict, identity crises and depression.


Since then she successfully broke away from her 9 to 5 job to find her passion and purpose. She created a successful coaching business where she now helps others connect with their passion and purpose and turn it into a profitable business. She regularly runs training sessions on this topic in London and she is a contributor for ThriveGlobal and One Tribe publications.


Since leaving her 9 – 5 job she never looked back. She found the fulfilment, meaning, happiness and freedom she was longing for and now she teaches others how they can do the same.




5 reviews for Start a Business in 12 weeks e-Guide

  1. Karolina

    I can highly recommend this ebook. It is great value and you will receive more than you have expected. This ebook helped me with clarifying my business idea and gave me clear steps on how to create a business. The action points and exercises push you to take action. I have read many books on how to start a business and this is my favourite one as it gives you clear and practical steps. The section on mindset is so valuable and eye-opening.

  2. Awatif

    Reading Ewa’s e-book not only helped me realise that I was not feeling fulfilled in my current job it also gave me simple tools to connect with my inner self. It made me understand that by following her guidelines I could bring my business idea to life. I definitely recommend this book if you want to create the business of your dreams but don’t know where to start.

  3. Eliza

    This book has incredible value in it. I absolutely love how clear and straight to the point it is. The content is much more than what you’d expect – it encourages to ask ourselves questions that we wouldn’t usually ask. It allows you to concentrate on your values and connect them with the discovery of your passion.

    It also encourages to write down the important points and notes, which is great as I’m such a visual person – pages can be printed out and stuck somewhere where they can remind us of the important points that we discover.

    It’s clear that Ewa didn’t hold back with her valuable information. She is also a fully qualified coach (and has a psychology degree) which doesn’t always seem to be the case in the coaching industry.

    Thank you for writing this. I will be getting back to it very often to remind myself of all the valuable information and reasons to why I am following my dream that makes me alive and not staying at a 9-5.

  4. karen smith

    Ewa’s book really has some real gems of wisdom in it. From giving you the tools to help with your mindset, developing your brand to business strategy. You name it is all covered in this book. Ewa really is a wealth of knowledge. So if your looking to uplevel your life and get out of the 9-5, this book really will help you with everything you need. Highly recommended and thankyou Ewa

  5. Alin

    “Ewa’ s training & mentorship is one of the best 9- 5 dead end dumping programs existing at this point in time in the market. If you do not have clarity, if you feel lost or if you feel like you lack the necessary skills to start something on your own, I kindly suggest following Ewa’ s training& mentorship’.

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